The background

Plot9 came about because we were looking for real, honest plant-based foods, and all we could find out there was a sea of bland or boring substitutes with little variety on offer throughout the day or, when on-the-go. Hey, we thought, we can do better than that! What about embracing the epic tastes and textures of veg in every product? Exploring new adventurous flavours? Heroing high quality natural ingredients? To produce fabulous tasting 100% vegan products that appeal to everyone, with zero compromise on satisfaction. Our mission is to capture plants potency and share in their bold strength and mightiness. Plot9 raises plants up because plants are powerful, and so are we.

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Dig into our incredible veg and the 9 values that make us

  1. We're feel good food
  2. Bursting with taste
  3. Faff Free Meals
  4. That lower waste
  5. Serving protein direct from plants
  6. We're the fork filling champions
  7. Putting the edge in veg
  8. Forget artificial, embrace the real deal*
  9. We're changing tradition with every meal

So ditch the meat and make a pledge to veg

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Sustainability - we dig it

At Plot9, our passion for plant-based food comes from our love of the planet. Because plants don’t just taste blooming amazing, they help us fight climate change too**. That’s why, wherever possible, our processes and products are sustainable. We focus on reducing food waste by producing single serve portions; our ready meals pots are recyclable; and we only use responsibly sourced cardboard throughout our range. What’s more, we never compromise on taste, developing more plant-based food options so our customers can reduce their reliance on meat-based diets while doing their bit for the planet - one bite at a time!

Plot9 Sustainability
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Why Plot9?

High quality, Great taste, No nonsense, Plant-based foods

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Doing our bit

A better planet

Plot9 supports meat free and flexitarian choices, for a better planet

less food waste

Store cupboard meals are ready when you are, meaning less food waste

FSC cardboard

We stick to using responsibly sourced certified cardboard


Our plastic pots are recyclable and upcyclable! DIY planter anyone?

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*No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours


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